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Here is a new Jewels Jade porn video for you and you will be pleasantly surprised by this amazing threesome today. Jewels was taking a nap while two strange guys entered into her apartment to steal from her. While they were taking all her jewelry, they thought that it’s a good chance to take her as well, cause she looks so smoking hot wearing that sexy black lingerie. At first, she went down on her knees and she started to suck on those hard tools and after that, she was laid down on the bed. While one of the guys was pushing his enormous cock into her mouth, she was receiving a super nice mouth pleasuring, she was feeling so great that she could cum any minute now, but it wasn’t the right time, in fact, cause there were so many other things to do.

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I really hope you are ready for a new Jewels Jade gym video update. As you all know, she never misses a chance to have fun and get fucked, no matter where she is at or with whom. For example, today at the gym she was so horny and needy that she couldn’t wait to be along with the gym instructor. It wasn’t the first time they fucked, so she already knew what to do to impress her trainer. At first she went down on her knees, offering him her wide opened mouth to stuff his cock in, and she pleased him just the way she knew best. She is very good at blow jobs so, as you all imagined, she made her instructor go crazy about her and her skilled mouth.



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Right now it’s the perfect time for some Jewels Jade lesbian action! As you imagined, she called a super hot friend of hers to come over for a nice time together and they both started to make out and warm up right away. They were both super attracted to each other and they couldn’t wait to start touching their great enormous boobs and their wet pussies. Of course that they know exactly what buttons to press and for how long, just to make sure that they will reach the maximum pleasure. At first, Jewels will let her girlfriend get wild with her boobs and she offered them entirely to be taken care of.

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No matter what, the Jewels Jade video updates are the most impressive ones and they always were! You got to see how she spread her legs ready to receive a huge pink sex toy that she just bought and she was super eager to try on. She was feeling horny the entire day, it’s like her pussy was trembling all the time and she just couldn’t focus on something else. The only thing she had in mind was how to get to please her pussy faster and better.

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The latest Jewels Jade threesome update is already uploaded and ready for you to watch! Have a great time seeing how Jewels and Shay Fox will share a huge hard cock! At first, cause Shay was much horny than Jewels, she was the first one who wanted to get banged so she spread her legs, offering her pussy to this guy, who happened to be super eager to fuck her. While she was being hammered, she started to munch and lick Jewels pussy, to rub her clit with her mouth and her lips. You will see that these two horny sluts will also switch places, cause they both like to get fucked by this enormous cock, but it’s amazing their unique way of warming up!

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A new Jewels Jade porn is ready for you guys, so grab your favorite seats and enjoy the next moments with your favorite babe who will manage to impress you with her body and her eager pussy. This sexy brunette was home alone, waiting for her friends to come by so she thought to cheer up for a bit before the party. And what other better way to cheer up than together with her favorite sex toy. You definitely have to see how she will get comfortable on her favorite armchair, with her legs spread wide open, ready to get dildo fucked.

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As you all know, there’s always the perfect time for a new Jewels Jade interracial sex scene. Jewels loves all the cocks, but the black ones are her favorite, cause they are all super big and hard, just perfect for her tight eager pussy. She is always horny and she barely could get completely satisfied so when this guy asked her to come over for a special treatment, she was in, definitely. She couldn’t wait to arrive there and get the party started, she was thinking about this nice pounding for the entire day, even though she had to work.

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